About us

Meet your teachers and organizers, Otto and Laura:


Cuban salsa had been my only passion for 10 years when a close friend brought me 7 years ago to a kizomba 2.0 class given by...Curtis.
My crush for that style, later officially called Urban Kiz, was immediate. A new passion was born that has never left me since. Many festivals, classes (semba/traditional kizomba included) with international teachers, and taxi assignments later, the call of teaching eventually knocked at my door.
My experience brought me to notice over and over again how the lack of frame was damaging the level and slowing down the progress of urban kiz dancers.
My method does not spare the student until that frame is owned from the beginner moves to the most advanced combinations..


I was plunged into structured dance from the age of 7 with ballroom and ballet. Later in my teen age, I experienced stage choreography and go-go dancing.
But it's only at the age of 20 that true passion for dance kicked in with Cuban salsa, before I met urbankiz in 2017 on a notorious festival of the Spanish scene.
That new style shadowed all the others and became my main passion. Many years later, once back to my home town Tallinn from Spain, my eagerness to boost the growth of kizomba and urbankiz community in Estonia brought me to create Trocadero Urbankiz Studio..