School schedule


To ensure the best and quickest results, we are keeping the groups small, managing the male/female ratio and focusing on more personalised teaching.
Places are thus limited for each class. Please register your presence in advance (the sooner the better) in the school schedule.
Group classes are currently gathered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20.30 to 22.30.
Private classes are scheduled upon common agreement, typically on Monday evenings, Friday evenings and Sunday late afternoons.

Adress : Tatari 3, 10116 Tallinn
(for a better navigation, set the destination to "Tatari Loomakliinik")


Practice is key ! We strongly advise our students to attend our free weekly socials, open to all kizomberos of the planet, where Trocadéro teachers dance with them in priority, and they can test and sharpen their skills with outsiders.
This summer, our open air socials happen twice a week when the weather allows, on Draper's Startup House terrace, on Wednesdays and Sundays from 20.15 to 23.00. Please check out the latest updates in the school schedule.

Adress :
Draper Startup House
Uus 26, 10111 Tallinn


It's an achievement when our students begin to enjoy kizomba/urban kiz international events throughout Europe !
Trocadero currently organizes two major events in Estonia :
- Kizomba Tallinn Festival in March
- Trocadero Summer Weekend in August
Check out our latest news on the matter here in the "Events" menu, and in our social media channels...